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Chris Webber’s wife is the president of the Social Butterflies Mentoring Program.

Social Butterflies is a program that helps out low-income girls after school. There’s a You Tube clip that explains what the program does.

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As a senior in high school Webber averaged 29.4 points and 13 rebounds per game. Basketball and the 1990–1991 National High School player of the year.

He was named MVP in both the Mc Donald's and Dapper Dan All-Star games.

Webber attended Detroit Country Day School and at the time was the most recruited Michigan high school basketball player since Magic Johnson.

Webber led Country Day to three MHSAA State championships.

CWebb apparently worked with Nas to produce a song at one point.

Webber’s music career included a rap album from 1999. It included some fairly big names from the late 90’s hip hop scene.This time the couple stayed in relation for two long years before separating on 26th September 1995.Following his break up, he dated a beautiful actress named Tracee Ellis Ross in 1996.Chris’s first relationship started with a fashion model named Tyra Banks dating back to 1992.However, the pair decided to split following only five months of relationships. Later on, he was romantically involved with an actress named Nia Long on 2nd February 1993.Chris Webber’s wife Erika Dates Webber married him in 2009 after years of dating.

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