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Temple - in her late 20s - is Moroni's 'other' wife.These two women share their lives, their home and their beds with the same husband, bound together by their polygamist marriages.Buxom, amiable and in her mid-30s, she is every inch the average housewife and mother.

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Yet once the action switches to Brody and the Medical Examiner leading him into the autopsy room, the ichthyologist comes into his own. (here Dreyfuss splashes water on his face for added dramatic pause) It was a shark.” A frat boy has become a man.

For a start, he is dictating details into a snazzy ‘70s headset microphone that predates Madonna by some twenty years. More than anything else in Jaws, the autopsy smacks of Spielberg’s TV days, covering the action in basically two set-ups and graced with perhaps the ugliest shadows in Spielberg’s career.

But when she scratched beneath the surface, what she found was a very different picture - of resentment, jealousy and bitterness...

At first glance, it is a scene of utterly normal domestic chaos.

The examination of the remains of Chrissie Watkins establishes the point of Matt Hooper.

Up until now he has been a smart alec frat boy in a grown-up world.

For decades, the domestic lives of American polygamists have remained secretive and closely guarded.

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