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An opinion poll has suggested sharply divided opinions among the public in China after reports revealed that some female college students had to pose apparently naked holding their ID cards in order to get a loan.

The reports earlier this month said the people or groups lending the cash used the photographs as form of insurance or threat, saying they would publish the pictures if the debts were not paid back by the students or their parents.

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It's often no match, and things can get serious if they end up meeting the adult. The move came after the Global Monitoring Report on the Status of Action against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, prepared by a Bangkok-based children's advocacy group, pointed out in 2006 that the low age of consent in Canada is a draw for pedophiles from other countries.

Some of these "strangers" prey on lonely teens who feel at odds with the world and circumstances at home and offer them an escape of sorts, experts say.

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For generations, parents have taught the "don't talk to strangers" rule to their children, but that rule has a whole new meaning now that kids can chat with strangers all over the world via the internet.

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