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This was understandable at a time when barbaric practices like blood-letting and slavery were the norm, when humans thought other creatures to be stupid & without feeling therefore perfect for exploitation; they had no purpose other than serving human’s needs with no interest in their well-being.

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The world of dating is completely different today than it was during the younger days of baby boomer singles.

An enticing mystery that can be fleshed out with their own creativity, a warm being they can make to say, wear and be whatever they desire. The most common adjective used when citing her qualities is That is: tender, gentle, thin, selfless, loyal, sexy, sensual (but only with him), uncompetitive, thin, soft, charming, beautiful, adoring, thin, patient, smart, fragile, funny, thin, proportionate, nurturing, sensitive, thin, and giving.

Also, she should have long hair, preferably blonde.? Are these men becoming frustrated and exasperated looking for this woman?

There were important questions to ask regarding each suitor: were there any awkward pauses? Did he maintain eye contact (or did he glance at his i Phone, or your cleavage)? Since my friend didn’t plan on marrying, their surnames were a moot point, but I said first names would be helpful.

People flock to these generational identities like they flock to their horoscopes, combing through all the traits to seek out the good characteristics and throw away the bad attributes that are reflected in their generational identities.

Eating healthy might make you feel good but it isn’t going to do wonders for the way it looks.

Rather than going out of your way to interact with people online try finding someone in your own group to start spending time with.

They're still looking for a woman who has a 24-inch waist and a flat stomach, who looks great in an evening gown, in jeans, and buck-naked on the back of a Harley; a woman who has that pinkish, glowing morning beauty and the energy and enthusiasm of endless youth, a woman who is always bubbly, perky, willing, and happy to see you, and who will initiate mad, passionate sex—with or without abandon—at any time, even in broad daylight on the sofa or in the back seat of your car between golf, tennis, and football games. Her 'fantasy' man should be successful, ambitious, brilliant, educated, powerful, while also sensitive, athletic, mechanical, courageous, creative, sensual (but only with her), understanding, domestic yet independent, faithful, honest, mannerly, patient, warm, generous, funny, tall, spirited, communicative, and respectful, with a washboard stomach, sweet-smelling breath, and lots of thick wavy hair.

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