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MJ: Do you think America’s ready for a dark satire about the war on terror?Often the satires that reverberate with the public are at least a decade behind actual events. My job is to just express something that I want to express. MJ: This is also the first press release that’s ever come across my desk touting the role of a “sexy left-wing journalist.” Speaking for all of us, I have to thank you for that.In many roles you’ve turned to the camera and given an almost pop-Hamlet speech, weighing whether or not to act. There was apocalypse in the air; the punk rock movement made sense. Now, when it’s the clusterfuck that it is, they say this is just a failure of management.

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Is that for the genius round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? MJ: Because when I encounter lines like, “Get me Katie Couric, Al Jazeera, and 100 gallons of sheep shit,” I’m like, That had to be fun to write. But as far as the pundits who sit on television every night and repeat the talking points given to them by the administration—they might as well have a chip in their head. JC: Oh God, I don’t know if you were all watching me. My dad had a commercial film company, so he had a videotape player before anyone.

MJ: You got the, um, august John Mc Laughlin to participate, which was a fun touch. MJ: Are there dangers of mixing politics and celebrity? And they get in front of a camera and wear makeup and sometimes other people write their lines. Fox News gave you a cable show, and you’re going to call yourself a journalist?

She was born Hilary Erhard Duff on September 28, 1987 in Houston, TX.

Her father, Robert Erhard Duff, owned a chain of convenience stores, while her mother, Susan Colleen, was a homemaker.

Vulture described it as sounding “like Paris Hilton doing Sheryl Crow karaoke.” Ouch.

As far as commercial performance, ‘Chasing the Sun’ debuted at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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And if I’m ahead or behind the curve, that’s for others to decide. Your character is Brand Hauser—”house brand.” And Hauser works for a Halliburtonlike company called Tamerlane, presumably after the Mongol warlord. Mark Leyner, who’s a Célinelike writer with an electric, eclectic, corrosive aesthetic. We figured we’d try to make an incendiary political cartoon, shifting from absurdity to seriousness to pratfalls to melodrama to Telemundo soap opera. JC: Well, has “News I’d Like to…” So I can’t say we’re the first. The real reporting we’ve gotten from Iraq has been from really brilliant, courageous journalists who put their lives on the line.

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