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I had moved and had brand new carpeting in the bedrooms which was quickly becoming soiled – I was using carpet cleaner every day. They did a full blood panel and a fecal and all the tests came back negative (almost 0 later).And daily I was having to rinse off her rear end before she sat on furniture or bedding. They put her on an antibiotic called Flagyl, used to treat certain parasitic and bacterial infections…The vet also changed her food to a formula containing duck and peas (in case she had a food allergy – and because it’s easier on the gastrointestinal system).

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Miette was also restless through the night, and would almost always vomit stomach acid at some point in the middle of the night. In this post, I’ll share the most useful info we can glean from Deborah’s story, which could help you if you are in a similar situation. DEBORAH: I adopted Miette from a Persian rescue group. She was about a year old when I got her and she had some problems off and on from the beginning.

Cleaning up after her cat was a constant vigil everyday and was becoming overwhelmingly distressful. I switched her food to W/D (Science Diet) after a while, which had worked for another cat I had, but this time WD didn’t solve it. I would change her food and for 10 to 15 days she would be fine then it would come back.

Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update”.

Depending upon your Windows Update settings, this may cause the upgrade process to automatically initiate on your device.

Then I would try something else, each time with the same result.

I also tried feeding her a very bland diet of boiled chicken and rice, but nothing worked consistently and this went on for almost two years. Miette was in such distress that she didn’t always make it to the litter box.

Those who haven’t upgraded yet, will once more be prompted to install Microsoft’s latest operating system.

If updates are set to download automatically, Windows 10 will be hogging around 5 GB of space while you decide whether or not to install it.

In fact, you can tell the new Windows Security Center that you'll manage your firewall yourself.

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