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Ask the Roman Generals- Pompey and Anthony, who fell from their Olympian heights due to their inability to resist the renowned Egyptian princess and seductress, Cleopatra.

Ask Biblical King David, who lost favour in the sight of God, for putting to death Uriah, one of his faithful soldiers fighting to protect his kingdom, all in order to satisfy his lust for the latter’s wife and whom, he eventually put in the family way.

But others argue that e-mail messages by their nature are forwarded and stored on a recipient's computer, so e-mail users automatically agree to the recording of their messages when they choose the medium.

The novel legal issue of how to characterize e-mail communication arose in a recent criminal case in Washington's Spokane County.

Yet at the same time paradoxically spelling pain and the doom of great men.

The history of humanity is replete with men of power and fame, whose fortunes and careers got sacrificed on its altar.

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