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In this section, The Free offers a roundup of chat freebies on the Web, including free chat programs and freeware chat clients. At this site, you'll find free chat rooms for all ages and interests.

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I am trying to create a Multithreaded server and client pair. Auto Exception; public class Default Socket Client extends Thread //client Exception in thread "main" Default Socket Output(Default Socket at server.

Both of these classes are inheriting methods for writing and reading from a common class.. Auto Server Socket.start Auto Server(Auto Server at driver.

M-Tel Bulgaria, another member of the Telekom Austria Group, has just launched "Calista Mobile Mail“.

In the run-up to the launch, Calista Mobile Mail has been carefully customized to the Bulgarian market.

I always enjoy seeing a well organized chat site with numerous scheduled chats. HOWEVER, it is a HUGE Christian singles chat site and worth the cost if you are single, Christian and love chatting online. More Cafe Chat Christian Chat Forum Non-denominational chat rooms and messages boards for all Christians. Free Christian Chatrooms Check out Jesus Rocks IRC Christian Singles, Teens, 20 on a Safe IRC Chat Network. If you wish to help or participate in this wonderful effort, go visit. Christian Chat UK Christian Chat is a largely a non-denominational java-based, live Christian chatroom brought to you from the UK. Christian Gifts Good selection of Christian jewelry, decor, gift ideas, wedding ideas, dishware and much more.

This chat location is strictly for Christian women. Big Church Singles & Chat Big Church is a personals and chat site for Christian singles. Guiding Light Christian Chat Very popular Christian chat site with it's own radio program, Christian ecards, message boards, photo uploads and of course, chatrooms. Good to see a fully developed free Christian chat site. Christian Chat Rooms Young, fresh and open to everyone. Fast loading, several Christian chatrooms to choose from, Java based and even a prayer request chatroom. Fast, easy to use, allows icons and is very active. Christian Personals & Chat Great site for Christian singles chat and personals site. e Harmony Personals has created matches based on personal values resulting in hundreds of marriages and thousands of relationships that are going strong. The Angel Course - A complete course on angels, including how to learn and communicate with your personal angel guardians.

The code I posted above was a little changed due tothe changes I kept making to debug it.. I think this is what you're saying but this still doesn't work..

A1 Telekom Austria offers A1 Mobile Mail which is based on the cloud-supported email service "Calista Mobile Mail". During the European Championship 2008, football fans were able to follow and discuss the games in the A1 football chat.

I am not able to work these properly and am receiving a Null Pointer Exception. Server Driver.main(Server default Socket Client = new Default Socket Client(sok); default Socket Client.start(); println("Connection Established...."); default Socket Output(generate Auto Welcome() generate Main Menu()); but you don't have to extend Default Socket Client with your server.

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