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Whether it's streaming, blogging, snapping or video-chatting, the .

But I responded with a price range and recommendation that he work with a designer in the UK.

The sender then informed me that my rates were agreeable and requested my contact information so he could have his associate in New York City send a down payment of a particular amount, and stipulated that the balance – again a particular amount – would be paid upon completion. The stated “budget” was generous, so I prepared my usual contract outlining deliverables, schedule and terms, and emailed it to him. When the money orders for more than the specified down payment arrived in an envelope with no return address, I took them down to my bank, where they were confirmed as being suspect. Here are the red flags you should watch for: This type of scam is usually targeted toward uninformed seniors.

It’s even been adopted by most social media platforms that people use on a daily basis.

Live streaming and webcam content are particularly exciting methods for engaging, retaining, and communicating with visitors. Get your domain name up and running without any tech know-how.

Check the client’s ratings and their feedback from the contractors.

A good client should receive mostly great reviews and ratings.

Scammers will get their jobs done by you and then disappear without paying you for your efforts. They will mention the desired units of deliverables, work-hours, budgets and the payment structure.

Besides legitimate projects, there are several types of scams on online job portals. Some newbie freelancers often apply for jobs without understanding the project description. If a job post invites you to apply for jobs just by telling “Tremendous work from home opportunity!

The fact that this came through my business and was centered around a web design project shows that scammers have become more creative.

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