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North Carolina men’s divorce attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions about divorce laws and the divorce process in North Carolina.

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North Carolina only recognizes two grounds, or reasons, for divorce: insanity and separation for at least one year.

Unlike many other states, North Carolina does not permit spouses to file for divorce on fault-based grounds like adultery, abandonment or cruelty.

INTRODUCTION: As a service to our legal assistance clients, we have prepared this handout with frequently asked questions involving separation agreements. A separation agreement is a contract between a husband and wife when they separate from each other in which they resolve such matters as property division, debts, custody and support. Here is some very general guidance : • If the separation agreement hasn't been incorporated or made a part of a court decree, then it's binding and cannot be charged regarding your “adult promises,” except with the consent of your spouse. Some parents also agree on a modest monthly allowance for spending money for the child, or for travel to and from home, or for summer expenses. Few parents want to agree to finance a college education for a child at any college or university.

It is, of course, very general in nature since no handout can answer your specific questions. • If it's been made a part of a divorce judgment or other court decree, then it may be possible to get it changed by the judge based on a substantial change of circumstances. The cost of some private colleges and universities would bankrupt the average parent.

Two main lines of inquiry that the court examines in determining whether there was a resumption of the marital relationship are whether (1) the parties held themselves out to others as a married couple and (2) the parties mutually intended to reconcile.

This article is for information purposes only and is not to be considered or substituted as legal advice.

This would be very useful to the custodial parent in getting prompt payment of child support each year (at least by year's end) without hiring an attorney when the other parent “gets a little behind.” 11. CAN I GET MY SPOUSE FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT IF HE BREAKS THE PROMISES IN THE SEPARATION AGREEMENT? It is not contempt of court to violate a separation agreement unless the agreement has been made a part of court order. WILL A SEPARATION AGREEMENT FREE ME FROM PAYING DEBTS FOR WHICH I HAVE SIGNED ALONG WITH MY SPOUSE? It cannot bind third parties (such as banks or finance companies) that have not signed it. WILL A SEPARATION AGREEMENT STOP MY SPOUSE FROM HASSLING ME? While separation agreements usually have a non-harassment clause in them, you should understand that no piece of paper - be it agreement or court order--is going to stop a person from doing something he or she wants to do.

I'VE HEARD THAT I NEED A SEPARATION AGREEMENT IF I WANT TO LEAVE MY OVERSEAS QUARTERS AND RETURN TO THE STATES (ALSO KNOWN AS “ADVANCE RETURN OF DEPENDENTS”). Instead of transferring the exemption permanently without regard to the timely payment of child support, some custodial parents agree to transfer of the dependency exemption only if the other parent is current (not in arrears) on child support payments by December 31 of each year. Contempt of court is the failure to obey a court order without legal justification. A separation agreement is a contract between spouses.

Instead, North Carolina spouses must live in separate houses during the one-year separation period, but this separation period is not considered a “legal separation,” nor does North Carolina law address legal separations.

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